Wedding Crew 

Memphis Wedding Photographer

John Sellers 

Outside of being a photographer and the creative director of Fernweh Fox, I am a coffee fanatic in love with traveling, volunteering and Wes Anderson films. In what little free time I have, I love spending time in local coffee shops with my wife. A few of our favorite coffee shops are Muddy's Coffee & Bake Shop and Cafe Eclectic. I am most inspired by all of the amazing places I have been able to travel to with my photography career. Working with non-profits in Kenya and Nepal has greatly influenced my photojournalistic style of capturing one of kind weddings. I hope I can be your wedding photographer to capture your amazing day!

Memphis Wedding Photographer

Courtney Sellers

I have experience in coffee sipping, hat knitting, plane hopping, journal writing, and a collection of other activities. As a photographer, I have experience in travel photography, family portraits, child portraits, Engagement shoots, boudoir shoots, and my favorite: weddings. 

I have a more journalistic approach to the craft, looking for the hidden story behind each smile. I understand that our albums of portraits rarely appear the way we view ourselves. Because of this, so many people dread having their pictures taken because they just don't feel like themselves. This is why I wait for those moments where the real YOU shines through. I am dedicated to working with clients to ensure that the best version of themselves has been captured. I continue to challenge myself to live for the authentic and seek out the hidden moments that appear between shots, where the real expressions often reside. These are the photos I live for as a photographer. After all, most of us are not models! But we are the subjects of our everyday, and these are days where there is no room for anyone else but you. 





Memphis Wedding Photographer

Tanya Chopra

I've always had a love for photographing people. The idea that someone's most precious moments are immortalized through a photo I took is what drives my passion everyday. People inspire me. I love when you can look at a person's picture and you can feel their emotion emerging from it; capturing their happiest moments, that is what inspires me to be a photographer. Moving from my home in India to Tennessee sparked my desire to travel. I'm in love with learning about different cultures and experiencing them first-hand. Hearing other people's stories is always fun, but helping them craft their own is even better!